Our Story

The innovative conception of LAGO design has been deeply rooted in the family’s traditional artisan vocation since the end of the nineteenth century.

The company was officially founded in 1976 by Giuseppe Lago, but Lago actually dates back to the end of the nineteenth century and Policarpo Lago, an artisan cabinet maker who worked for the nobility in their villas in Veneto and in churches in Venice. Policarpo’s children then expanded production to include master bedrooms and small series of furniture for entrance halls.

By the eighties, the company boasted a selection of furnishings ranging from bedrooms to living rooms. In 2006, with the fourth generation, it became a limited company, an “S.p.A.” and made its debut on the international market, taking its innovative modular design outside Italy, accompanied by its unconventional communication and the strong inclination for internet and digital channels that it still embraces today. At the helm are two brothers and their sister: Daniele Lago, CEO and Head of Design, Franco Lago, President, and Rosanna Lago, Control Manager, heading a team of young managers and collaborators. Lago sells into more than 20 countries worldwide, through over 900 selected stores, including many single-brands. It has also furnished more than 150 projects for hotels, B&Bs, retail spaces, restaurants, bars and offices in Italy and elsewhere, in cities such as Rome, London, Paris and Saigon.