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Just outside Messina, ‘stop off’ at an elegant design B&B that celebrates the historic Fiat 500 race

Only a few kilometres from picturesque Milazzo, strategically located and a junction between some of the most important Sicilian tourist attractions, this Messina B&B is a ‘stop over’ for tourists and business travellers, opened by the Gemelli family, who were inspired by a desire to share the history of their region and their passion for cars. A passion that has been passed down for generations, and not only that but the multi-time winner of the historic Fiat 500 race Enzo Gemelli is the father of Stefania, the owner of this Sicilian B&B.

Stefania, who was in charge of the artistic aspects of the project together with her daughter Annamaria and the architect Marilia Donato, had this to say about the concept behind the LAGO WELCOME Messina @Tappe di 500 B&B: ‘We designed the interiors for people who are passing through and wanting to stop off in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (particularly business travellers, but also professionals and people visiting friends) without skimping on comfort and convenience, making them feel ‘at home’ with the warmth and hospitality Sicily is known for’.

And that was the origin of this design B&B, where hospitality unites Sicilian warmth with international taste, and where historical memory and family history are expressed by the rooms themselves: simple lines and soft hues create welcoming, restful, clean spaces filled with warmth. The apartment, which has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and well-equipped kitchen, overlooks the Basilica Minore di San Sebastiano and lets Sicilian warmth filter through the windows, to be enjoyed around the large suspended table.

Stopping off at the LAGO WELCOME Messina is an experience of the past with all the comforts of modern design. Experience the historic Sicilian race through the spaces and the stories of the owners, who will make you feel right at home.

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